DO NOT SIGN ANY INSURANCE FORMS PRIOR TO SPEAKING TO AN ATTORNEY! When you have been injured in an accident, it is important that you immediately hire an attorney to protect your rights. As you focus on recovery, it will be our role to guide you through the complex process of making a claim for damages. We will be here to help you find answers to your questions and to help you get the justice you deserve. The time immediately after an accident is the time to speak to an attorney. Although this will be a very stressful and trying time for family members who are dealing with an accident or injury, it is important that an attorney is working to preserve all of your legal remedies. Allow our office to take the legal burden off of you and your family during this troubling time.

We assist our clients in their battle against insurance companies in a wide range of areas including:
* Automobile accidents
* Work-related accidents
* Medical related injuries
* Slip and fall accidents